Enter Into a World of Uncharted Territory on a Treasure Seeking Journey through the eyes of your heart

Erika Masterson

Between Worlds™

"Unveiling Beauty In The Unseen"

Artwork of girl and birds

Between Worlds™

Between Worlds™ is the essence and the breath throughout all my photographic work.  It’s a place that the viewer can explore and unveil the beauty of the unseen possibilities and intricacies of this life we now live and on into eternity.
Photo of Erika Masterson

Watch Uncharted Territories by Erika Masterson

In this new video, I share my journey that guided me to my latest collection release, Uncharted Territories.

Artwork of girl in water and mountains
Latest Collection

Uncharted Territories

Enter into a world of uncharted territory on a treasure seeking journey through the eyes of your heart.

Photo Montages

For a limited time from this collection “Uncharted Territories”, Erika is offering her hand selected and grouped montages of 4 8x10’s. They can be hung separately in matching frames or you can frame them all together. Great for those with smaller spaces.

Prints only, frames not included.

Four framed art prints by Erika Masterson hanging on a wall.
Beautify Your space

Limited Editions

All limited edition fine art prints are signed and numbered by the artist.

Certificate of authenticity

Each print comes with a Certificate of authenticity, detailed with information about the piece. The Certificate ensures that your print is an original. Please store separately from the artwork.

Artwork of whale and man underwater

Collector Testimonials

"I cannot remember the first time I saw Erika’s photography, but to say that it has opened my eyes, and my soul to another way, another world, would not be an overstatement. A place of dreams, populated by ethereal pastels, creatures and visions of nature, loved ones, and the passage of time and space between worlds. Technically meticulous, with a reminiscent look of Victorian portraiture, she allows us to see, not only our past, but our future, and into the eternity which awaits us all, tying our lives together with beauty."


"I fell in love with Erika's photography the first time I saw her stunning prints in a museum exhibition. Her work is so unique and I’m so happy I was able to purchase a couple of her prints!"


"Beautiful, sensitive works of art.."


"Erika Masterson’s imagery always takes me on a magical journey of discovery. They transport me to a place between two worlds, a place between reality and fantasy, and often to a place between the world above and the world below the surface. Her images are always transformative and they never cease to engage the viewer by challenging them to connect and interact with their own unique experiences and imagination."

Per Hans

"All of Erikas Art is one O' a kind!
Each series is nature coming to life!
Her photography comes to life in
the exceptional processing she
creates! Definitely for the
discriminating art connoisseur!"


"If you are looking for some truly
unique and beautiful photos you
have to check out Erika's work. She
is an amazing photographer and


"I love this gem of a studio. Her work is so fabulous, different and creative!"


"Wow. Beautiful art work
with your amazing


"Erika's artistry shines in her
amazing photography! Her
ability to personally connect
with her customers is icing on
the cake!"


"In a time where we’re often bombarded by a flurry of images squeezed into 15 second clips, it is quite refreshing and inspiring to sit quietly with each of master photographer Erika Masterson’s images. Each exquisitely done image invites you to sit quietly for a while to enjoy and study what her heart, soul and eyes sees and reveals. You cannot help but feel the love she has for God’s creations and her chosen field of photographic expression. It is rare that I feel I should just set my camera down for a while and study the evocative works of others, but in this case I do!"


"I learned about Erika Masterson’s photographic artistry when my daughter participated in her project “A Message for my Daughter” in 2015. The flowery images of each young girl paired with words describing their inner strengths produced a powerful series. Since then, I have followed Erika’s work, especially enjoying her underwater series. When undertaking a recent renovation project in my home in South Carolina, I searched for that special piece of artwork to complete the décor of my living room. One of Erika’s prints, “Redemption Rain”, evoked feelings of joy and imagines of God’s love being poured out from Heaven. That print now proudly hangs over my fireplace mantel. Wishing to finally own an underwater piece, I also purchased “Utterance”, which reminded me of the comforting intercession of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:26). The spiritual connection to nature in her artistry continues to inspire me."