Beauty from the inside out

I woke to a dream of a woman I do not know standing by a lake. It was a high mountain lake and a light blue color. The woman was in awe of the beauty and she said “it’s beauty from the inside out”. I woke to those words… I said, “God, you’re speaking to me again aren’t you”. During my Bible study this morning I asked him to reveal the meaning of those words “Beauty from the inside out”.As I wrote, this all came to my mind. Lord, you are beauty. You heal us through beauty from the inside out. We grasp at things from outside of ourselves to find healing, joy and peace, but it never satisfies because it’s only temporary moments in time. It doesn’t heal the inside of our hearts.

But you, if we allow you to come in, give you permission, you heal the deepest pains, disappointment’s and longings in our hearts. This inner change then manifests outwardly in our physical bodies. Our anxiety and fears are healed. Physical illnesses can be healed, as often anxiety, fear and un forgiveness can cause physical illness and physical pain.

People around us can see a difference in us. They say we have a glow/light about us. We attract others to us. Because Jesus heals the inside with his beauty, we become beautiful on the outside as well. Not necessarily in a physical way, but a way that people can not really explain. We are just drawn to them. True beauty can not be taken from us. It continues to grow and flourish and give light to others. We become mirrors of the beauty inside.

Erika Masterson
June 21, 2022