Sometimes, just understanding “why” we do things is truly eye opening. I kept asking God, “why do I keep making this art?” And over the past several days I found myself looking deeper into each piece. What I started to see was revelatory! 

When creating images, I don’t see just a portrait or a scene from nature. I see a breath of them joining and mingling together as if one. It’s as if there is something invisible in this mingling. I can not see it but sense it is there. It’s something divine that can’t be fathomed.I keep creating more images, not for the images themselves but for another glimpse into this mystery. It’s looking into another realm. A realm within the tension of change and surrender of heart. I see not with eyes that view the obvious, portrait or flower, but with eyes that see the hidden and the unknown. My inability to grasp it is what keeps me creating more.

Erika Masterson
December 8, 2021