The Lake A glimpse of heaven

The lake is a deep and mysterous emerald liquid,

calm and refreshing. Lining its boarders, delicate pastel

blooms of rhododendron offering its flowers to the silky

water below.

Every year I long for our summer return to this lake

of overflowing calm. Our days start with the quiet of

the forest and the warmth of the cup in our hands.

I feel this easy flow of real-ness, simple and settled.

Each day is filled with lures, lines, the one that got away

and the one that didn’t; patience. Splashing, floating,

waterfall climbing and speeding across the mirror

reflection of our hearts. The beautiful imperfection

of our windswept hair and marshmallow mouths

gathered around the fire, smoke and embers leading

our eyes up to the glorious abundance of speckled

lights, taking us right into eternity. Our bodies

are yearning for rest. This is being truly alive.

This feels like home.

Erika Masterson 2021

Erika Masterson
September 11, 2023

Erika Masterson is a Fine Art Photographer, living her dream between two worlds, a lakeside cabin tucked in the Southern Appalachian mountains and a quiet beach town on Florida’s east coast.Erika and her husband Ed have 4 children and one granddaughter. Her children are often seen in her artistic works.

She received her degree in photography from the Southeastern Center for Photographic Studies in Daytona Beach, Florida in 1990. In 1999 opened her own commercial portrait business and has been working the past 20+ years in California and Florida.

In 2012 Erika expanded her Art including many exhibits and awards. Her most recent accolades; Solo Exhibition Soho Gallery New York; the Co-Jurors Choice award by Joyce Tenneson under the theme “The Intimate Portrait”; She was chosen as a Julia Margaret Cameron finalist for her series “A Message for my Daughter” and was selected as Black and White Magazine’s Portfolio Spotlight winner for her series Sara’s Sojourn.

Her quiet and soulful images have been published in numerous magazines such as Black and White Magazine 2014 & 2017, Victoria Magazine 2000 & 2016, Silvershotz Magazine, Shots Magazine, 5×5 Magazine, Bella Grace Magazine, Raine, Shadow & Light and In-Style Magazine. Erika recently has her images being sold around the world and on greeting cards with Palm Press and book covers. She has also self-published 4 books with her series of work.