The Mask

“The mask” Erika Masterson 2013

This image is from my series “Dream synergy” in 2013. It is a series of a personal awakening of who I thought I was through discovering my true self. I’m still a work in progress...

The thing we seek in this life is our identity. We look to find it in other people, in stuff, in pleasure, but we are still left empty. 

I think that what I considered to be my identity turned out not to be my identity at all. I think we wear masks, a false self. We weren’t born this way, I became this way through life’s circumstances and struggles. It became a form of protection and hiding. 

If I keep on my mask, I can only know who I am by physical sight, touch, taste, smell, accomplishments, thoughts, opinions and feelings. These are all things I can grasp, see or prove.

I believe my identity is beyond my 5 senses. In an unseen place deep within me. But to take it further, maybe my identity is not in me at all; its inside the one who lives inside of me. If I don’t ever know Jesus then I never know my real self. I will only know the false self, the lost self. If I truly see who God is, then I will see who I am. If I am shown who I truly am, I will see who he is. I believe my identity is “LOVE”.

Erika Masterson
December 7, 2021